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What I Do, Why I Do It

I remember sitting there as a very young kid, watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Montreal, completely awed by size, scope, and scale of staging an event that is mostly sport, part politics, and all business. From that moment forward, I have developed an unrivaled passion for sport and global events, and have become an incurable Olympic history addict with marketing and communication experience. From its origins and evolution to marketing, strategy, and sponsorship activation, I offer insight into the business and finance of the Olympic Games and large-scale global events. Please hover or click on the boxes below to view my areas of service delivery. I welcome the opportunity to add value to your organization.

 Sport Tourism & Event Marketing

Sports Tourism & Destination Marketing

Increasingly, Olympic Sport Organizations are creating sport events that drive the tourism sector. But might smaller-scale events yield better margins for your event and your destination? We welcome the possibility to assist in creating an event marketing framework that aligns with your broader objectives:

  • Event Tourism - Policy Development

  • Optimizing Your Digital Strategy

  • Managing Sponsorships - Activation, and Appraisal

  • Hospitality – Ticketing, Transportation & Translation  Services

With sport tourism, the intent to re-visit is the ultimate goal. We'd like to help you get there.

Consulting, Strategy & Policy Development

Idy Sports Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan Workshop

From asset identification to valuation and appraisal, we can help identify the hidden value within your sports organization. We can assist in validating or repositioning if necessary, your sponsorable assets to optimize your market value. Organizations with a footprint in the Olympics or in the major event space, are in a unique position of leverage. Our marketing plan strategy sessions include:

  • Creating Sustainable Differentiation 

  • Developing the Sports Marketing Framework

  • Evaluating your SWOT / PESTEL Analysis

  • Forensic Audit of your S.M.A.R.T. Goals

  • Communication & PR Strategy

Olympic Sport Seminars, Education & Training


We are proud to partner with the  International Olympic Committee on marketing and strategy initiatives for member Olympic Committees. Working with the Knowledge Management and Sharing Department within the IOC, I have delivered marketing and strategic planning sessions for executive leadership teams of Olympic Committees and Sport Federations worldwide. My core offerings include:

  • Creating New Revenue Streams for National Olympic Committees

  • Developing an Effective Marketing Plan

  • Sponsorship Rights Activation

  • Negotiating Contracts

  • Improving Brand Visibility – Beyond the “Clutter”

Talent, Media & Content Development


As an Olympic Scholar with three decades of experience with the Games, I can offer bold, candid and insightful analysis to a broadcast team. I approach each media appearance with unrivaled preparation and offer a unique perspective based on experiences working with clients around the world.  Areas of expertise around the Olympics and global events include:

  • The Political History of Olympic Sport

  • Using Major Events for Nation Branding

  • Bidding and Host City Selection Process

  • Marketing, Sponsorship and Finance

  • Creating Event Legacy

  • Media Rights & Licensing

I look forward to sharing our passion and expertise with your audience.


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