Sport Journalist -  Candidate Aptitude Tests


You will have a total of 40 minutes to complete all four sections of this test. You have 10 minutes to complete each of the four sections. You are required to answer ALL questions in this test. This is a closed book exam and you are to work independently, with no external help permitted. Prior to beginning the exam, please turn on the cameras on your mobile phones, tablet or laptop. Only candidates with acceptable results will be considered to advance to the next phase of the interview process. As this is a timed exam, please use your time wisely.


Finally, candidates must register for, and complete ALL four (4) sections of the exam in a single sitting in order to be considered to advance further in the hiring process. 


  1. Click on the link to access each part of the exam below

  2. Please enter your name and e-mail to register for each exam in order to begin the exam

  3. Complete the exam and press"submit" to submit the exam.

  4. When you have completed Part I of this exam, return to this page to repeat the process for Parts II, III and IV

  5. You must complete all four parts of this exam at a single sitting as mentioned above

      Good luck!