About Me

   I have over 18 years of experience across a broad professional spectrum which includes sports, marketing, corporate sales, journalism, media and technology services.


As an Olympic expert, I have conducted extensive research on the developmental impact of major sports events and exhibitions on urban renewal, policy development and the political economy. 


 Using empirical research, focus groups and process standardization, I am able to help teams, organizations, and municipalities with planning, implementation and evaluation of major events and exhibitions, optimizing available resources to maximize exposure. From sponsorship and activation, to risk analysis and community program development, I can craft key messages to align with both event and brand objectives.  

Key focus areas include:
Core Competencies:

•   Sports Tourism and Destination Marketing

•   Media and Public Relations

•   Corporate Social Responsibility Planning

•   Risk Analysis and Mitigation

•   Event Planning Solutions -  Feasibility, Logistics, Branding and Appraisal

• Consulting & Strategy - Sports

• Project Management

• Sport Tourism Consulting

• Speeches & Lectures

• Emerging Markets Positioning

• Broadcasting & Media Services

• Public Relations

Please contact me to inquire about my services. 


"The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) is pleased to showcase on our Caribbean Channel, CaribVision, 'The Olympic Moment – by Idy Uyoe'. 


These vignettes are interesting and informative and were a great lead in for our terrestrial stations, who also found them useful to engage their viewers on Olympic facts and history.


We encourage further development of such topical programs on matters of general interest, and we look forward to working with Idy Uyoe and his team to showcase these efforts." 

Lori Weatherhead - Team Leader

Caribbean Media Corporation

The Nigeria Olympic Committee engaged Idy Uyoe as a Consultant to conduct a Sports Marketing Workshop for our NOC and affiliated National Sport Federations, and we were quite pleased with the results. From the planning phase of the project, to organization and delivery, Idy asked the right questions and was quite thorough in his preparation and approach. We found his content insightful, his delivery engaging and his sport knowledge quite impressive. Idy clearly understood the unique challenges facing our national sport federations when it comes to attracting sponsorships to fund programme initiatives, and his presentation directly addressed these areas of need. Given the positive feedback we received from delegates, coupled with my own interaction with the Consultant, I enthusiastically recommend Idy Uyoe to those seeking a knowledgeable resource in sport marketing, and the Olympic Sport segment in general.

"Many of our MedMedia orthopedic offices and their physicians are regularly treating professional and national sports teams as well as high school, collegiate and Olympic athletes ... The Olympic Moment with Idy Uyoe segments are interesting and engaging stories and that’s what we want to offer our MedMedia viewers." 


Hon Tunde Papoola - Secretary Genreal

Nigeria Olympic Committee